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Home Electrical Wiring Electrician in Seattle

If you are looking for a Home Electrical Wiring Electrician in Seattle, you’ve come to the right place. Our professionals are licensed to handle all aspects of your electrical needs.

Our technicians can help you update your old, outdated wiring to new, up-to-code systems that will keep your home safe and secure for years to come.

Wiring Types

There are several different types of wiring available for use in a home. It’s important to understand the different types and how they are used so you can select the right option for your electrical project.

Whether you’re upgrading an existing system or adding new circuits, it’s important to get the installation right. You can do this with help from your local full-service electrician.

Your Seattle electrician will help you select the proper wires and cable to ensure your installation is as safe as possible. It’s also important to know how wires are sized and where they should be installed.

Most wires are insulated, which means they’re wrapped in a nonconductive plastic coating. These insulators can be made of various high-tech materials designed to resist weather, moisture, chemicals and extreme temperatures.

Outlets & Switches

Switches and outlets are the gateways that connect us to the electricity in our homes. They’re the devices that let us turn a light on or off, plug in an appliance, and control a fan.

Typically, switches and outlets are designed to last for a long time without needing replacement. However, they can develop problems over time.

When a switch feels warm or makes a rattling sound when turned on, it’s an indication that the components that carry electricity through the switch are wearing out and need replacement. That can create a fire hazard, so it’s important to have your switches and outlets replaced as soon as possible!

Better-quality switches and outlets will be more durable. Some will even include a back-wire feature that makes wire connections easy, but not all do.

Panels & Circuit Breakers

The electrical panel is the command center for the electricity that flows through your home. It takes incoming electricity from your utility company, redistributes it through circuits and houses safety devices called breakers that cut off the power whenever electrical wiring has too much power in it, whether from a short circuit or an overload.

The breakers are labeled with amperage ratings that indicate the total amount of power they can handle, usually either 100 or 200 amps. Modern homes often require even higher capacities because of the increased use of electricity.

Many older Seattle homes still use screw-in style fuse boxes, but these boxes are simply no longer adequate to handle the current demands of many households. If your breakers trip frequently or you notice flickering lights, this may be a sign that you need an upgrade to a newer panel.


Lighting fixtures are an essential part of a home’s electrical system. They serve multiple purposes including creating ambiance, providing illumination for household tasks and lighting up pathways and dark areas around the outside of a home for safety.

When a home has old, outdated or faulty wiring, it can cause flickering lights and a variety of other issues. Upgrading your home’s wiring can improve the quality of your lighting and appliances, as well as increase energy efficiency.

A Seattle lighting designer will analyze your home’s layout, structure and needs to create a lighting plan that works for you. This includes using layered lighting techniques to achieve a dynamic lighting design that reflects your space’s architecture and furnishings.

The right lighting can help you save money on your electric bills and reduce your maintenance costs. Investing in a modern lighting system can also reduce your energy usage and help you reduce your carbon footprint.

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